About us

Politik in Gesellschaft is a platform for young people to discuss political issues. We would like to offer the opportunity to publish quality articles on political topics and to discuss them in Gesellschaft [in company], to add own thoughts and to challenge the ideas of others.

Politik in Gesellschaft was founded in April 2014 as a private weblog of two German university students, featuring articles on political issues in the German language only. Over time, several guest authors contributed to our blog, convincing us to open our blog further for articles from other authors from all parts of the world. Since we do not want the complexity of the German language to be an obstacle for possible guest authors, we will translate all articles written in either English, French, Italian, Russian or Turkish into German ourselves and publish them in both original and translated version whenever possible. In April 2015 we rebuilt the website completely in order to allow guest authors to contribute one or several articles more easily. By these means we hope to be able to offer an even wider range of authors, topics and views in the future.

Would you like to contribute an article? Write us at redaktion@politik-in-gesellschaft.de!

The Editors:
Alexej Hock, aerospace engineering student at the Dresden University of Technology. For several years now he twitters as @russlandheute about Russian politics. Highlighting issues that do not typically get media attention is of great concern to him.Aziz Epik is a research fellow at the Chair for German and international criminal law, criminal procedure and legal history at Humboldt University, Berlin. He focuses on Turkish politics for quite some time now. Besides that he is also interested in the politics of the day, whether domestic or abroad.

Rüdiger Morbach is a research associate at the Chair of Global Business Law, International Arbitration Law and Private Law at the University of Würzburg. He has a keen interest in international contexts, particularly in issues that cross political cultures. Being an enthusiastic European, European policy matters to him as well.

Authors: Technical Advisor:
Hannah Stobbe
Boukhari Meraghni
Hans Morbach